Amazon enters the New Zealand Market

Amazon enters the New Zealand Market

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online retailers dominating online markets around the world. In the past 5 years, it has been slowly growing it’s market share in Australia after deciding to open physical distribution centres in the country rather than shipping goods from overseas. Now that it has established itself in the Australian market, New Zealanders are going to benefit from the Amazon presence in Australia with direct shipping now becoming available.

Amazon Australia has thousands of products available and the store will now ship to New Zealand from a reasonable fee of $2.99. New Zealanders could buy from Amazon previously however had to go via the US stores which increased prices and delivery times. New Zealanders can now get products from Australia in as little as three days.

New Zealanders have historically limited options for buying online from big markets with Aliexpress,  MightyApe and The Warehouse being the most popular. With Amazon coming to New Zealand via Australia, New Zealanders will have access to international brands as well as local New Zealand products.

In Australia, Amazon has warehouses all over the country and more and more merchants are signing up to the platform to sell their goods. If you’re a retailer in New Zealand, you may want to consider looking into selling your own products on the platform.

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