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Retail thriving in New Zealand

Retail in New Zealand as seen another positive improvement with the biggest increase for 25 years. According to results released by Stats NZ, the country recorded an impressive 7.4 per cent year on year increase in retail sales for September. This is the biggest increase since 1995.

The economy has been recording continual rises in retail sales over the past few months. Covid caused a massive drop of 15 per cent in June and this good performance does not quite make up for that terrible performance but at least the economy is making big strides back into normality.

From October last year to September this year, retail sales were down $172 million to $97.6 billion. This is a 0.2 per cent decrease.

Those areas that drove the record result was major household items including cards and groceries which was responsible for a $1.8 billion increase. This value broken down further showed that Vehicles had an increase of 13 per cent equating to $454 million and groceries had an increase of 8.4 per cent valued at $429 million.

With many New Zealanders being stuck at home, many spent money on improving their homes with building activity increasing in the period and home hardware and garden supplies up significantly.

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Bendon Lingerie are helping out vulnerable Australians

Thread Together have launched an initiative to help Australians in need across New South Wales find acquire new clothes. The initiative is supported by big business names including Goodman Foundation, The Commonwealth Bank and new supporter Bendon Lingerie from Retail Apparel Group.
Thread together have vans that they fully stock with clothes and accessories from various sources and drive around the communities around New South Wales including Sydney, Wagga Wagga and North and South coasts of New South Wales.
The people that Thread Together are hoping to assist are those that have had misfortune due to a number of reasons. These reasons include:
• people that have lost their homes due to the recent bushfires
• refugees and asylum people,
• victims of domestic violence,
• indigenous communities
• long term unemployed
This is not the first time Thread Together has had such an initiative after doing something similar back in March 2018 as part of a collaboration with Anglicare South Australia. The service has proved popular there with two mobile wardrobes now deployed in the state.
Thread Together have over 200 companies that are helping them with their charity efforts including Aje, General Pants, Noni B and The Iconic.
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