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Car sales hampered by supply chain

Long wait times for new car buyers will ease up later this year as manufacturers ramp up production.

Toyota Australia has confirmed that new car delivery times will remain longer than usual until March.

Although the wait times for new car purchases are expected to decrease in the near future Toyota say there will still be a lot of demand for the RAV4.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, said that the supply chain should improve in 2022 to ease the wait times for new cars.

In 2021, Australians bought over a million new cars, which is 14.5 per cent higher than the previous year. The increase was mainly due to the various factors that affected the supply and demand for new cars, such as the closures of car factories and dealership closures.

The demand for new cars will still be strong in 2019 even after the sales of the most popular models in 2021.

During the pandemic, more people switched to SUVs and utes instead of cars.

Almost half of the new cars sold in the year were for SUVs. Light commercial vehicle sales also grew by 23.2 percent.

Despite the lack of electric cars in the market, the penetration rate remained relatively low at less than 0.49 percent. It grew significantly up to 201 percent in 2020 from just under 1 percent in 2019.

Some believe the government should set goals and regulations that will encourage the use of new technologies in the car industry.

The message that Australians want to see is that they are ready to embrace the latest technology in their cars.

The Australian government has yet to finalize its plans to cap the fuel quality standards for new cars.

Despite the sluggishness of EV sales in Australia, Toyota noted that it sold over 250,000 hybrids in the country in the past couple of years.

Toyota was the leading car manufacturer in Australia in terms of sales in 2021. Other companies followed suit with a combined market share of 6.7 percent.

Although Ford did not rank among the top five manufacturers in 2021, its Ranger was Australia’s second most popular vehicle.

Supply chain issues are affecting businesses across all industries. In New Zealand many online stores such as TheMarket are experiencing major issues due to lack of stock. To save when you shop at TheMarket, use a TheMarket discount code with your purchase.

Amazon enters the New Zealand Market

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online retailers dominating online markets around the world. In the past 5 years, it has been slowly growing it’s market share in Australia after deciding to open physical distribution centres in the country rather than shipping goods from overseas. Now that it has established itself in the Australian market, New Zealanders are going to benefit from the Amazon presence in Australia with direct shipping now becoming available.

Amazon Australia has thousands of products available and the store will now ship to New Zealand from a reasonable fee of $2.99. New Zealanders could buy from Amazon previously however had to go via the US stores which increased prices and delivery times. New Zealanders can now get products from Australia in as little as three days.

New Zealanders have historically limited options for buying online from big markets with Aliexpress,  MightyApe and The Warehouse being the most popular. With Amazon coming to New Zealand via Australia, New Zealanders will have access to international brands as well as local New Zealand products.

In Australia, Amazon has warehouses all over the country and more and more merchants are signing up to the platform to sell their goods. If you’re a retailer in New Zealand, you may want to consider looking into selling your own products on the platform.

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Retail thriving in New Zealand

Retail in New Zealand as seen another positive improvement with the biggest increase for 25 years. According to results released by Stats NZ, the country recorded an impressive 7.4 per cent year on year increase in retail sales for September. This is the biggest increase since 1995.

The economy has been recording continual rises in retail sales over the past few months. Covid caused a massive drop of 15 per cent in June and this good performance does not quite make up for that terrible performance but at least the economy is making big strides back into normality.

From October last year to September this year, retail sales were down $172 million to $97.6 billion. This is a 0.2 per cent decrease.

Those areas that drove the record result was major household items including cards and groceries which was responsible for a $1.8 billion increase. This value broken down further showed that Vehicles had an increase of 13 per cent equating to $454 million and groceries had an increase of 8.4 per cent valued at $429 million.

With many New Zealanders being stuck at home, many spent money on improving their homes with building activity increasing in the period and home hardware and garden supplies up significantly.

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Bendon Lingerie are helping out vulnerable Australians

Thread Together have launched an initiative to help Australians in need across New South Wales find acquire new clothes. The initiative is supported by big business names including Goodman Foundation, The Commonwealth Bank and new supporter Bendon Lingerie from Retail Apparel Group.
Thread together have vans that they fully stock with clothes and accessories from various sources and drive around the communities around New South Wales including Sydney, Wagga Wagga and North and South coasts of New South Wales.
The people that Thread Together are hoping to assist are those that have had misfortune due to a number of reasons. These reasons include:
• people that have lost their homes due to the recent bushfires
• refugees and asylum people,
• victims of domestic violence,
• indigenous communities
• long term unemployed
This is not the first time Thread Together has had such an initiative after doing something similar back in March 2018 as part of a collaboration with Anglicare South Australia. The service has proved popular there with two mobile wardrobes now deployed in the state.
Thread Together have over 200 companies that are helping them with their charity efforts including Aje, General Pants, Noni B and The Iconic.
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